Amazon Kindle 8th Generation (2016) Review

If I had all the books I read in the usual book format I probaby would have hard time traveling around and having the books I want with me. That’s why e-book readers come in handy. So I bought myself, better late than never, Amazon Kindle 8th Generation.

The thing I like the most about it is that it’s daylight readable. The screen doesn’t reflect light but rather absorbs it so no problem reading it in daylight. Feels almost like a real book.

As you see, it’s a pretty mat looking screen. The moment I got this by the cargo I knew I should’ve gotten it earlier.

This is the back of the package it came in. Says a bit about it’s properties. It’s good that unlike phones, iPads or laptops it’s battery lasts for weeks. I usuallly have it in airplane mode so that I make the most out of the battery. You can connect to WIFI and buy books straight through the kindle, but in my opinion it’s just not practical. You can just shop on your computer faster and then transfer it to your kindle. Other than that it’s really easy to go through your library on the kindle and it saves your progress so you can just pick up where you left off. It’s a user friendly kindle nothing complicated.

On the back it’s just amazon logo. Nothing special here. On the bottom it has the power button and as well as the socket for the usb cable.

Now to the things I wish it had.. If the size was a bit bigger that would be more comfy but for some it may be just not so practical. I just would prefer that because when it comes to pdf files you need a bigger screen for sure.

The screen has no background lighting, and that makes it hard/impossible to read at night. So it’s only perfect with some source of light around.

There’s a newer version of kindle with incorporated lighting called Amazon Kindle Voyage. So if I decide to upgrade my kindle I’ll go for it. But for a budget version this kindle I just reviewed is great.

Now I’m off to some good reading. ✌👋